We would like to introduce you to the Southwest Rail Vendor Association (SWRVA) . The SWRVA was formed as means to keep our members and their business information updated for rail shows through out Texas (soon to be expanding to all the neighboring states). We currently have over 100 vendors on our membership roster. Members profile will be kept up to date and furnished to SWRVA sponsored member rail shows in our area for their use in inviting you to participate in their show or event.

As a member you will be kept updated to the shows in the SWRVA's current area. This list will include shows of member organizations, (this currently includes all the members of TRTA, Texas Rail Tourist Association), dates,  places , contact names and address along with type of show and cost to you. Your name will be furnished to these shows letting them know you are a vendor and interested in showing at their shows.

This works as long as we have input and updates from everyone. The cost of keeping this data base, mailing list and furnishing you and the shows with this information and mailing labels is covered my annual  membership.

Membership is twenty dollars per year per vendor, paid in advance. This cost will be recovered many times over by keeping your name out there to the shows in our area and by keeping you updated on those shows.